Casas dos Avós

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Project Reviver Trebilhadouro


Legend has it that there were three gold jugs found. This discovery, in popular parlance, would give to the place the name Trebilhadouro. The built heritage can foresee traditions and customs of other times. The village keeps the traces of a place that, for centuries, was devoted to agriculture and pastoralism. This agricultural and forest landscape is still marked in the village of Roge parish, Vale de Cambra. There, uninhabited for decades, the whole village keeps the traditional Portuguese country house in granite stone, a material that extends to the paths. Lost on the slopes of the Serra da Freita, the place is surrounded by Trebilhadouro hills and the Alto do Galinheiro, which overlooks the sea and the Ria de Aveiro. At 625 meters of altitude, Trebilhadouro, missed the last resident in the 80s of the last century. The place became visible when, in 2001, served as a stage to Trebilhadouro - International Festival of Arts and Culture. The event, organized by the now extinguished theater cooperative Rasgo and the town hall, took as its goal the preservation and reconstruction of the village. The slogan adopted, A Festival that reclassified One Village, saw in 2014 its implementation.

Casas dos Avós

Meaning: Grandparents Houses

Áurea Marques never lived in this village but it has, in it, her family roots and, over the years, always visited the place regularly. She inherited five houses in the village where her mother was born. The recovery of the houses is a way of keeping alive a part of her life, because the village has a great sentimental value. So came the names of the houses: Samuel e Derminda, a tribute to her parents; the remaining houses honor her grandparents. They are available to those who want to know and explore unhurriedly this beautiful place, 5 stone dwellings with a total of 12 rooms. In collaboration with the architect André Tavares, the project Reviver Trebilhadouro became Casas dos Avós - Rural Tourism, managing to preserve all the characteristics of Portuguese traditional rural architecture.



Casa da Avó Clara - RNET 5017; Casa do Avô Zé - RNET 5018; Casa do Avô Barbosa - RNET 5019; Casa da Avó Quitas - RNET 5015; Casa Samuel e Derminda - RNET 5020



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